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About Garden Utils for Programmers

Garden® Utils for Programmers is an app for the Apple iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. It provides a variety of utility functions that can be helpful for programmers and web content developers.

Features include:

  • Converts between decimal, hexadecimal, and RGB / RGBA color values
  • Keypad, picker, and slider input
  • Character code charts, including ASCII and Unicode
  • Reference material viewing, in text, HTML, PDF, .doc, and other formats
  • Image viewing, including zooming to the pixel-level to determine positions and color values
  • Editing of text and HTML files
  • Exact cropping of images
  • Hex dump of file contents
  • URL encode/decode text
  • Save to email, pasteboard, other apps, or log file
  • Accepts "Open In" of most file formats from other apps, and gives access to its files through iTunes File Sharing
  • Obtain images from photo albums, pasteboard, or camera
  • Common reference material available through the app to get you started

This app was created by Dan Bricklin. Dan is best known for co-creating VisiCalc, the pioneering spreadsheet program back in 1979, as well as Dan Bricklin's Demo Program in the mid-1980's. Most recently, he is the author of the popular Note Taker HD app for the Apple iPad.

The app icon was created by Michal Blaustein of Extra Plus.

Feedback during product development came from Adina Bricklin, Alex Kieft, and Kevin Stevens.

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